Everyone has an opinion!!

Everyone in an organization, especially in a consumer product development company, has an opinion on what new features should be implemented in the next update to the product. When given an opportunity people come up with all kinds of weird asks with the punch line ‘that’ll be cool‘.

Right to opinion3Okay, it’ll be cool to them and may appear great with its face-value, but may not be appropriate to the targeted market segment and may even go in the direction of derailing the product strategy. It is true that everyone has the right to provide feedback and have opinions but that does not mean every opinion will be correct and will add value to the product.

So who decides what matters the most — and how to justify the same. Winnowing out opinions from true ‘stories & facts’ and justifying the same with a great deal of detailed explanations and debates is an ongoing challenge product managers live with.

When everyone has an opinion and if Product Managers go towards the direction of ‘data’ and ‘market trends’ to look for usage patterns and market direction, where will innovative ideas come from? In my opinion, looking at data is more of a reactive approach, but what can companies do to be more proactive and innovative? How do organizations ‘innovate’; what should be the organizational culture to inculcate innovation?…

Would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.