AneezThis is Mohamed-Aneez Jamaludeen, a Software Product Manager with a lot of passion for my work and career. Prior to Product Management, I have spent time in Customer Implementation, Marketing, and Engineering trying to understand what exactly these jobs are up to. My time and experience in different product oriented roles has been helping me in my current role of a Product Manager.

I believe Product Management is one of the most challenging jobs in the business world. We own all the responsibility, yet have no authority over anyone. We drive product deliverables, yet get the least credit.

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas, thoughts, and best practices in Product Management, and I will endeavor to keep my blog active with frequent posts.

A couple of my favorite tidbits on Product Management:

– If you want to make money, go into Sales. If you want to make friends, go into Marketing. If you want to become a great CEO, spend time in Product Management.

– Sometimes customers ask for solutions that treat symptoms of their problems, not the actual root causes. Your job is always to get to the root.

Any resemblance to real-world individuals, living or dead, or organizations/companies/corporations  running or closed is purely coincidental.

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