UX Driven Companies vs. The Crazy Ones

It’s been a while since I blogged — life is too busy with fire-fighting drills. Now, back to blogging and this time let’s discuss about User Experience or UX as it is widely referred to.

UX is the lifeline for consumer companies specifically that are into lifestyle based products. In spite of this, some companies (if not all) do not give the significance it deserves. UX planning is just not in the plan.

Some of the reasons for this could be:

– the leadership team does not understand the importance of user-design driven products

– engineering teams’ upper hand

– helpless product managers (caught in bureaucracy)SuccessQuote

– voiceless UX team (bureaucracy again)

– spineless project managers

– casual approach to real user feedback

– inability to separate noise from real user feedback

– everyone thinks he/she is a designer and that their feedback needs to get implemented (more on this here)

– attempting to design for everyone, ignoring the targeted personas

– internal politics

How much significance does your company give to UX, or is UX just another ritual? Would love to hear from you.

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One Response to UX Driven Companies vs. The Crazy Ones

  1. iswaryaas10 says:

    Very nice article..The organic, personal stories that are told by an end user about their lives and day-to-day activities should be the insight and catalyst that is needed to get the motivation so UX team needs to be given importance and should be empowered to take decisions.

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