Getting bored as a Product Manager? Try these tips…

Getting bored with your job as a product manager? Well, any job if its routine will get boring overtime, unless we add some spice to it. Product managers also perform certain routine tasks, and it is very natural for us to get bored (a little at least!) as well.

Listed below are a few things that I’ve practiced to overcome boredom at work; all these are entirely based on my experience. Please feel free to share tips on what you will do when boredom overcomes at work.

Tips to overcome boredom

1. Get back to product management basics. Think through how strategic your role is. Think about the value you bring to the organization.

2. Read interesting articles and blogs related to product management.

3. Relive successful project experiences from the past. Get inspiration from successful past projects.

4. Hangout with fellow product managers.

5. Write articles about your product management work; this will rekindle the thought process and increases your interest in work.

6. Do some unusual things; like working from your apartment balcony, reading product manager job descriptions:-)

Hope this list is useful; please do share your experience on this boring yet important topic.

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