Describing Product Management in One Word

As many of us are very well familiar, Product Managers have to constantly interact with a number of organizational interfaces. There is always the tiff of resource constraints, attitude issues, tough personalities, et al.

If I have to ask you to define Product Management in one word, what would that word be?

There may be a number of answers:

1. Customer
2. Product
3. Problem
4. Market Segment
5. ROI
6. Revenue, and the list continues…

In fact, there is no incorrect answer to this question. All of the aforementioned words, and much more, are correct. But the one word I would chase down is “optimization”.

I believe optimization is key to product deliverables. No matter what the market is demanding, how irate are those bunch of customers who have been waiting for enhancements for months, how much a sales rep could guarantee revenue for a particular product, all of it boils down to what we can do with the available resources which is by-the-way “always limited!”. What can be delivered with available resources and stringent budget allocations within a reasonable timeline is always a challenge.

So, “optimization” will be the one word I advocate new Product Managers to strive to achieve.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: This article of mine is a spin-off of a similar article from a famous Product Management blog. I thought I should have an article of my own as this is the one thing I strive to achieve almost everyday at work.

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One Response to Describing Product Management in One Word

  1. In my view “Ownership” is the most critical keyword to define a Product Manager.

    Owner of defining the problem statement.
    Owner of driving the solution.
    Owner of positioning the product.
    Owner of achieving Customer delight
    Owner of increasing Profitability

    In short – Owner of delivering higher Business Value

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